I grew up in the cookie-cutter sprawl of suburbia. My father, a chemist, instilled a sort of mechanical and technological curiosity that has stuck with me to this day. My mother, an artist, imparted a love of visual creation. And my older sister gave me her rad tape collection.

I attended a fine art college, reveling in the opportunity to try out all forms of art, from sculpture to experimental film. Eventually focusing down to only two majors: graphic design and photography, falling one credit short of adding an art history minor.

Upon graduating, I Immediately moved to NYC and began my career as an art director. Now with a dozen years of experience in traditional, non-traditional and digital marketing, I am passionate about blending all of these together and pushing the boundaries of what advertising is.

When not working, I write stories and film them. Other pursuits include constructing new camera equipment from scratch, time lapse film, and mastering my hot sauce recipe. And traveling as much as possible.

Selected Clients
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