Bad Seed Chili Granola’s logo with handmade type.


Chili Granola packaging.


Logo for Sharespost, an online investment marketplace.

Business card for Sharespost.

Annual Report for Sharespost.

Logo for Doña Ana brand tequila.

Label design for Doña Ana tequila (mock-up: real label still in production).

Logo for Quality a bar in downtown Champaign, IL.


Outdoor signage for Quality bar.


Pocket Storms Productions logo, an independent film production company based in Brooklyn, NY.

Logo for All Purpose Baking Company.

Logo for Toronto, part a larger re-branding effort for the city.

Logo for a clothing boutique in New York’s East Village.

Logo for a wine and beer bar in the West Village of Manhattan.

Logo for a film production company based in New York.

Logo for a band based in Brooklyn, NY.